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Your Hair can Give a Child a Reason to Smile Print Article     Email to a friend
by Angela Lemont

It started out simple enough. A year before my wedding, I began to grow out my hair for the elegant up-do I wanted so very much. My hair grew quickly, and by my wedding day it was long and full. After the honeymoon, I contemplated a haircut with hesitation. I had dedicated so much time to growing out my tresses, and the length of my hair became a sentimental attachment to the excitement and glamour of being a bride.

It was at this time that I remembered hearing of a wonderful organization called Locks of Love that accepts donations of hair. The donated Stronger than Cancer - Shirtslocks are used to create custom wigs for children who have lost their hair due to cancer or other diseases. I immediately knew that this was my answer. What better way to part with my beloved hair than to know it would be used for such a special cause?

I looked up the organization online and realized my new haircut would have to wait. The required length for donation was 10 inches of hair, and unless I wanted a pixie cut it would be several months until my hair was long enough. To be sure that my hair would be an acceptable length for use in a wig, I continued to grow it out until I had a full 12 inches to donate.

The day of the haircut was an amazing experience. I was giving a part of myself to bring joy and hope to some unknown individual in need of a smile. It was so easy. My hair was tied in a ponytail, cut, placed in a clear plastic bag and mailed to Locks of Love in a bubble envelope. It wasn’t as dramatic as donating bone marrow, another goal of mine, yet it was a valuable contribution just the same. My hair will help someone gain the confidence to participate in everyday life without the fear of standing out from the crowd. Donating was painless and, with time, it would grow back!

I encourage you to think of ways that you can make a difference, too. Perhaps you have long hair and you are ready for a change. Maybe you are comfortable with hospital procedures and are willing to donate your bone marrow. There is always a need for the donation of blood, and you can do this several times a year.

These are all gifts of our bodies that replenish over time. Your hair, bone marrow or blood is not removed permanently – your body will replace it. Your gift of hair may bring happiness to someone in need of a smile, and your gift of bone marrow or blood could very well save someone’s life. Give a gift that costs you nothing except your time and love!

  • Locks of Love
  • American Red Cross
  • National Marrow Donor Program

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